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A selection of Fruit Flavoured Jellies, jellied Sweets and Gums.

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American hard gums
Delicious fruit flavoured gums covered in sugar a real good chew. INGREDIENTS AND ALLERG..
Cherry lips
Small hard red lip shaped gums that smell and taste like a cherry flavoured floral gums..
Floral gums
Colourful tiny gums with an unusual floral taste and aroma. ..
Fried eggs
  Kids love em, lemon flavoured jellies that look just like a fried egg. fruit flav..
Fruit pastilles
  A collection of different fruit shaped and flavoured jellies covered in sugar. fr..
Giant Cherry cola bottles
    fabulous sugar coated giant cherry cola flavoured fizzy jelly bottles...
Giant Cola bottles
  Giant jelly bottle shapes, cola flavoured. cola flavour jelly sweets   ..
Giant dolphins
These dolphin shaped raspberry flavoured jellies are truely delicious.   fruit flavo..
Giant Fizzy bubblegum bottles
Giant fizzy bubblegum flavoured jelly sweets shaped like a bottle.   bubble gum..
Giant fizzy cola bottles
  Giant fizzy cola flavoured jellies in the shape of a pop bottle. sour cola flavou..
Giant strawbs
  Large strawberry shaped and flavoured jelly sweets, really chewy and a great favourite..
Heart throbs
Another kids favourite strawberry flavoured heart shaped jellies red on one side white on the oth..
Jelly babies
  Go on bite the heads off first, traditional baby shaped jellies of various differ..
Jelly beans
  Assorted coloured and flavoured jelly beans. Contains:   May al..
Jelly mix
  A very colourful collection of jelly shapes in assorted fruit flavours, ideal for the ..
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