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A selection of Classic Sweets, Retro Sweets, Traditional Sweets and candy.

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Mini eggs
  Small sugar covered milk chocolate egg shapes in pastle colours speckled to look just ..
Mint humbugs
Brown and white mint humbugs, crunchy outer shell and then chewy center wrapped to stop them stic..
Mint Imperials
  Traditional small white round mint, rock hard all the way through. Contains: ..
Nut cluster
  Or peanut brittle, these large chunks of hard toffee stuffed full of peanuts are a mus..
Pear drops
  Small pear shaped boiled sweets distinctive flavour, multicoloured and covered in..
Pineapple cubes
Yummy pineapple flavoured and coloured cubes are hard and covered in sugar.    ..
Pink & white chocolate mice
Pink and white chocolate mice shaped sweets great fun.   Contains:   ..
Plain chocolate ginger
Small chunks of stem ginger covered in luxurious dark chocolate, really exotic. Contains: ..
Pontefract cakes
  A traditional favourite, small embossed discs of soft chewy liquorice delicious and ve..
Raspberry ruffles
Raspberry flavoured coconut filling covered in lovely dark chocolate individually wrapped. ..
Rhubarb & custard sticks
  These are great little soft sticks of rhubarb and custard flavoured sugar candy. ..
Rhubarb & custards
Hard boiled sweets coloured and flavoured like rhubarb and custard.     Con..
Rhubarb rock
Delicious chunks of tangy rhubarb flavoured rock coloured to look like a stick of real rhubarb. ..
Rum truffles
Or rum balls, soft sugary rum flavoured balls are georgous covered in chocolate vermicelli. ..
Salt Liquorice
This Dutch Salt Liquorice called Zouts is made from the best quality acacia gum making it ha..
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