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A selection of Traditional boiled sweets and hard candy.

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Aniseed twists
A good old fashioned boiled sweetie that is still as popular as ever, strong Aniseed flavour..
Army & Navy
A hard liquorice flavoured lozenge, a traditional old fashioned sweet. Allergen info. &nb..
Barley sugars
As traditional as they come good old Barley sugars individually wrapped so they reach you in perf..
Blackcurrant & liquorice
Another old favourite black currant and liquorice flavoured boiled sweet individually wrapped. ..
Butter mints
An old fashioned quality mint full of rich buttery flavour, another hit ..
Butter scotch
Another old faithful. Wonderful buttery hard toffee like sweet. ..
Cherry fizz balls
  They do exactly what the name says. they are hard cherry flavoured balls that fiz..
Chocolate limes
   A tangy, hard lime flavoured boiled sweet with a milk chocolate filling a real c..
Cinnamon balls
Hard round black boiled sweet with a rich spicy cinnamon taste. ..
Cola cubes
  As traditional as they come good old cola cubes a hard boiled sweet cola flavoured cov..
Cough candy
A traditional  hard boiled cough remedy very similar to aniseed twists.    ..
Iron brew fizz
If you love iron brew then these are for you, blue and gold boiled sweets flavoured with iron bre..
Iron brew humbugs
If you love iron brew you will adore these boiled iron brew flavoured sweets with humbug stripes ..
Mega sour Apples
  These are so sour they will make you eyes wobble, if you can get through the super sou..
Mint humbugs
Brown and white mint humbugs, crunchy outer shell and then chewy center wrapped to stop them stic..
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